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Riding the School Bus

Online Bus Applications

OPENS - July 15, 2024

Bus Route Pickup Change
as of January 26, 2024

Changes are in red.

Bus pickup routes in service are:

  • Route ER01: Westloch Estates/Fairways/Honouliuli - 7:07 am

  • Route ER08: Summer Hill (All stops) - 6:30 am

  • Route ER13: Iroquois Point/Kapilina @ bus shelter - 7:20 am

    Scroll down to see route maps

New Online Application Process
The Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) Student Transportation Services Branch (STSB) has launched an online bus pass application and payment feature for parents and guardians. Visit to sign up.

Send questions and comments to Student Transportation Services Branch:

Email -

Phone - (808) 509-1413

Fax - (808) 685-2052

After making payment online, follow the instructions to print temporary pass. Temporary passes are valid for the dates on the pass and should NOT be given to the bus driver. As hard copy passes arrive, the front office will notify students. Passes are not printed at the office. Discretionary passes or waivers are no longer given.

The Department provides bus service in neighborhoods around the islands to ensure broad access to educational opportunity for Hawaii’s students. Learn more about price, eligibility, free bus pass information, and download ridership application forms. The DOE serves about 15,000 student riders on Oahu, 18,000 on the neighbor islands.


​The flat rates for student bus passes are:

  • Quarterly Round Trip: $72

  • Quarterly One Way: $36


As part of the Hawaii State Department of Education's ongoing effort to modernize Hawaii's pupil transportation system, the Student Transportation Services Branch has launched a bus stop locator/bus schedule information web application called, "Infofinder i."

The new system enables parents and guardians to search for the nearest school bus stop to a home address. The website also provides morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off times for all school grade levels statewide.

The "Infofinder i" link will also be posted on individual school websites. For general inquiries and further bus route assistance, please contact your child's school

How to Find Your Bus Route

  • Visit

  • Select home state from the dropdown menu (Hawaii).

  • Click on "Hawaii Department of Education" link.

  • Enter a street name or residential address.

  • Users will have the option to modify their school search selection via a dropdown menu.

  • Results are displayed in a list and map form.

Note: Bus stop assignments will only populate for your child's school if you are living in an eligible neighborhood (over 1 mile from school for elementary, over 1.5 miles for middle/high school students), and there is a safe bus stop in your area. If you do not receive a bus stop assignment for your child's school and believe that your address is located within an eligible service area, then please contact your school transportation representative for assistance.


Students in Grades 6-12 must reside 1.5 miles or more, from the school within their attendance area to qualify for regular school bus service. Students who do not qualify for regular bus service may receive “space available” bus service provided that there are unused seats on the bus and that the accommodation will not result in additional cost to the state.

Free Bus Pass

​Students who meet one or more of the following criteria may receive a free bus pass. Please complete Part 3 of the application form if you believe your child is eligible for a free bus pass, and check all applicable criteria categories:


  • Student qualifies for the free lunch program (Note: Students who qualify for reduced lunch prices are not eligible for a free bus pass)

  • Student is a foster child

  • Student is homeless (McKinney-Vento eligible​)

  • Student’s Special Education plan includes regular transportation as a related service

  • Student is directed by the District to attend a school outside of the designated attendance area

  • Student has three older siblings who are fare-paying bus rider



The Hawaii State Department of Education's Student Transportation Services Branch handles tens of thousands of bus riders each school day.

Daily student ridership average:

  • Regular education students = 35,090 per day

  • Special education students = 3,359 per day

​​​​​Total     = 38,449 per day


Daily vehicle logistics:

  • Regular education buses = 390 units per day; up to 780 bus trips per day

  • Special education buses = 262 units per day; about 262 bus trips per day

​​​Total = 652 units per day; about 1042 bus trips per day​

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Ilima Intermediate School Bus Route Maps

ER01 7:07am - West Loch Estates/ Fairways/Honouliuli

Scroll to view 3 pages

ER08A - 6:30am - Summer Hill  (All stops)

Scroll to view 2 pages

ER13 7:20am - Iroquois Point/Kapiliana @ bus shelter

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