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Student Activities Coordinator and Student Government

Mr. Stephen Ing, (808) 687- 9325



The Student Activities Coordinator is in charge of all activities that students participate in during the school day.  These include:  school ID's, school pictures, yearbook, class day, promotion, intramural activities, and athletics.  All information regarding any of these types of activities can be directed to the Student Government Office in room A101.




The Student government fee is $20.00.  The fee includes the student planner, ID and lanyard, class fee and student government fee. In addition, fees are used to defray the cost of activities sponsored by the student government and the grade levels.  The fee entitles the student admission to student government sponsored dances and reduced prices for other activities. The student yearbook can be purchased for $30.00. After September 1, cost for the yearbook is $35.00.   The purchase of a yearbook is optional. Replacement student planners cost $10.00.




Your child will automatically be issued a plastic bar-coded card (like a debit card) with his/her name and a bar-coded account number (student ID card.)  There is NO cost for the first card.  The cost of a replacement for lost, stolen, defaced, cut up or forgotten cards is $5.00.  Students are required to have a school ID and to wear it to school daily.  IDs should be worn on the upper torso area, not the shirtsleeve or hem. Cards can be replaced in room A 101.




Students with any financial (uniform, planners, lunch accounts, etc.) and textbook/library book obligations are not allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities (i.e. school dances, 7th Grade Class Day, 8th Grade Banquet, 8th Grade Commencement Ceremony, etc.)



Student Activities

Our Student Activities Program complements our academic program.  The activities are designed to help students become well-rounded and contributing members of our community.  Our goals are as follows:

  • to provide opportunities for students to participate in organized and supervised extra-curricular activities,

  • to develop social and interpersonal skills,

  • to provide opportunities for social and cultural interchange, and

  • to provide opportunities for our students to serve their school and community.



Student Government

All students enrolled at Ilima are members of the Student Government.  Student representatives who are elected by their homeroom classmates represent them at student council meetings. The responsibilities of the student council representatives are as follows:

  • to voice concerns of their homeroom constituents to the student leadership, who in turn will bring these concerns to the attention of the administration,

  • to keep their classmates informed of upcoming activities and developments,

  • to plan, organize and carry out activities chosen by the council for student body participation, and

  • to serve as examples and role models to the students they represent in the areas of school spirit and pride, character and service.


Student Leadership Class

This class is open to all 7th and 8th graders. It requires an application, interview, and permission of the Student Activities Coordinator.


This program will focus on leadership characteristics such as speaking skills, planning, group discussions, and then implementation of ideas. This class also provides service to the school  on a regular daily basis. The enrollment for this class is open at the 4th quarter for next upcoming year. This program requires time and commitment as students are expected to be in the Leadership rooms both early and late.



Class Councils

The 7th and 8th grade Class Councils, two separate organizations, are made up of student representatives elected by their homeroom classmates.  The grade level councils operate in the same manner as the student council, except that they are involved with activities pertaining to their own grade level.




DJ Club. Learn to use digital turn tables. Mixing of music, creation of beats and self-expression with the use of professionally used equipment. Advisor: Mr. Stephen Ing, (808) 687-9325


Fishing Club. Learn to tie basic knots; learn types (styles) of fishing.  Fishing outings at near-by beaches. Advisor: Mr. Stephen Ing, (808) 687-9325


Hiking Club provides opportunities to learn about safe hiking.  We go on five hikes a year on Saturdays.  We also are combined with the hiking club at Ewa Makai Middle. Advisor - Mr. Jon Young, (808) 687-9349


National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Promotes recognition for middle level students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character.  Need to apply and be accepted. Advisor - Mrs. Cherise Akimoto, (808) 687-9365



7th Grade Activity and 8th Grade Banquet

In May, a 7th Grade Class Activity and an 8th Grade Banquet are held off-campus.  Students must meet the school criteria to participate.



8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

On May 27, 2020, an 8th Grade Commencement Ceremony is held to signal the transition from Ilima Intermediate School to high school.  This event is a privilege to participate in and students must meet predetermined requirements.  Meetings will be held to inform all parents and students of the requirements to participate in the ceremony. All student obligations must be cleared in order for a student to participate.

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