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Ilima Dress Top

School Uniform &

Dress Code Policy 

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Components of the Policy

Parental Leadership and Involvement (BOE Guidelines #1)

The decision represents the vies of a majority of the members of the School Community Council (SCC). All role groups participated in the decision-making process.

Protection of Studentsʻ Constitutional Rights (BOE Guidelines #3) As stated in the Religious Expression in Public Schools Guide (August 1955), students may display religious messages on items of clothing to the ​extent that they are permitted to display other comparable messages. Religious messages will not be singled out for the suppression, but will be subject to the same rules as generally applied to comparable messages. The Ilima Intermediate School Uniform Policy will not prohibit students from wearing or displaying expressive items so long as those items do not independently contribute to disruption by substantially interfering with discipline or with the Constitutional rights of students. Ilima Intermediate School will not impose any messages, political or otherwise, on the school uniform. The school name, logo/mascot will appear on the uniform.

A mandatory school uniform policy is in effect for all Ilima Intermediate students under the auspices of the SCC governance system. Students are required to wear a uniform top and adhere to specific criteria for uniform bottoms and outerwear. Every effort will be made by the school to assist parents and students to comply with the uniform policy. Waivers can only be granted by the school principal.

The School Uniform Policy and Dress Code Policy were adopted by the SCC with student and health and safety in mind. Today, student ID cards and Student Planners are a part of the daily student uniform due to the heightened security and the safety and well-being of Ilima Intermediate students.

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Trousers or walking shorts that are knee length or longer.  Belts must be worn appropriately, not hanging below the T-shirts.  Outer pants must cover underwear, boxer shorts or other shorts. 


The hem of shorts/skirts/dresses should be no higher than 6 inches from the top of the knee cap. Capri pants, regular sized pants or slacks are allowed.  Short shorts are not allowed.  Leggings, tights, and Jeggings may be worn IF the skin does not show through the fabric AND the uniform shirt is LONG ENOUGH to COVER the entire buttock area/front view. Pants with holes, zippers, laces, and “shredded” material exposing the thighs and/or are in inappropriate physical areas should not be worn to school.



Consequences for

Students who do not comply with the uniform policy are considered to be insubordinate, which is a Class C offense.  This offense falls under Chapter 19 and the School Discipline guidelines, which range from a call to parents or to suspension, depending on the number of infractions and the specific situation.  The procedure leading to the levying of consequences for uniform noncompliance is:


  1. The teacher/staff member will refer student to the office.

  2. The student will call home and request a change of clothing.

  3. The student will remain in the office until parents arrive (w/in 15 minutes) with change of clothing.

  4. If a change of clothing is not available from home, the student will be issued a “school loaner shirt” (upon availability). If the loaner shirt is not returned, the student’s account will charged $5.00 for the borrowed item and/or $9.50 for the NEW school uniform and will be considered an obligation.   

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