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Student Planner & Student ID

Student Planner

The new school year must start with an understanding of the information contained in this Parent-Student Handbook.  Together, let us be knowledgeable about the information shared with our students’ families.  A supportive environment both at home and at school increases the opportunity for increased student achievement.  Our students will benefit from our combined teamwork and perseverance.


Please review the resources contained in the handbook with your parent. The student planner handbook will explain background information about our school as well as details regarding expectations and resources.  Feel free to contact us with any questions at (808) 687-9300. 

Student IDs

Your child will automatically be issued a plastic bar-coded card (like a debit card) with his/her name and a bar-coded account number (student ID card.)  There is NO cost for the first card; it is covered under student dues.  The cost of a replacement for lost, stolen, defaced, cut up or forgotten cards is $5.00.  Students are required to have a school ID and to wear it to school daily.  IDs should be worn on the upper torso area, not the shirtsleeve or hem. Cards can be replaced in room A 101.

  • No loans are available and IDs are required to purchase meals.

Need a Planner?

If you need a new or replacement

student planner, please visit

the front office or A101.


Need a Student ID?

If you need a new or replacement

student ID, please visit A101

before or after school.

$5 replacement cost.
First ID is free when Student Fees are paid

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