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Our Beliefs

The school climate is characterized through caring and supportive teachers and a support  staff that enhances student achievement.


Ilima Intermediate fosters a learning environment conducive to meeting the unique needs of our developing adolescents.


Teachers promote enthusiasm in learning through a variety of methods to meet the needs of the early adolescent.


The curriculum incorporates a variety of course offerings and instructional methods, interdisciplinary studies and standards-based resources and materials.


Effective leaders express a vision, are supportive, communicate openly and share in decision-making.

General Learner Outcomes

The GLOs are the essential overarching goals for all grade levels in Hawaii’s public schools -- from elementary through middle to high -- and all of the academic disciplines. Every content and performance standard should support the learner's progress towards these outcomes because they enable learners to lead full and productive lives.


There are six General Learners’ Outcomes:


  • GLO #1  Self-Directed Learner – The ability to be responsible for one’s own learning.

  • GLO #2  Community Contributor – The understanding that it is essential for human beings to work together.

  • GLO #3  Complex Thinker – The ability to demonstrate complex thinking and problem solving.

  • GLO #4 Quality Producer – The ability to recognize and produce quality
    performance and quality products.

  • GLO #5  Effective Communicator – The ability to communicate effectively.

  • GLO #6  Effective and ethical User of Technology – The ability to use a variety of technologies effectively and ethically.

Ka'imiloa Elementary


Iroquios Point Elementary


Pohakea Elementary


Holomua Elementary


Ilima Intermediate


James Campbell High School


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