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School Lunch Menus

Breakfast, "wiki" during recess, and lunch are served daily in the cafeteria.  Students must have money in their account and use their school ID to purchase a meal; cash is not accepted at the lunch line. Deposit payments in the office before 9 am in order to get lunch on the same day.


Grade levels go on a monthly rotation for first and second lunch.

  • 7th grade first lunch/8th grade second lunch: August, October, December, February, April

  • 8th grade first lunch/7th grade second lunch: September, November, January, March, May

Breakfast, Wiki Breakfast and Lunch are provided with a carton of milk. 

Ala Carte items available are: bottled water, juice, milk, snacks

Breakfast is provided from 7:10am through 7:40am for $1.10.  Wiki Breakfast is provided for $1.10 during morning recess.  Hot lunches with a carton of milk are available for $2.50 during lunch period.  Water is available for $0.60.  Milk only/additional milk may be purchased for $0.60/carton.   Lunch loans are not available.  Students may not share lunches or eat off another student’s plate!  Students are not allowed off campus during lunch.  Students may bring home lunch from home and eat in the cafeteria.  Except for bottled water, all food and drink must be consumed in the cafeteria.


Meal Prices for 2018 – 2019 School Year

Student breakfast (full price)                               $1.10                        Student lunch (full price)                        $2.50

Student breakfast (reduced price)                      $0.30                        Student lunch (reduced price)               $0.40

Adult breakfast                                                        $2.20                        Adult lunch OR Second lunch              $5.50

Ala Carte:

Juice                                                                               $0.50

Milk only/additional milk                                      $0.60

Snacks                                                                           $0.75

Water                                                                            $0.60                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Free and Reduced Lunch Application

  • Must be submitted to the office every year (unless the student has a letter stating that the applicant is “certified.” Letter must be submitted to school to make a copy for our records.) 

  • Applications are available at the office or apply online at Applications are available online at  All households are encouraged to apply for reduced/free priced meals.  The USDA publishes qualifying income guidelines each school year. 

  • Households MUST REAPPLY yearly and a determination will be made each year.

  • Please follow the instructions printed on the application. 

  • The School Food Services verifies all incomes. 

  • Return applications to the office or to your child’s homeroom teacher.

  • Applications must be returned early in August in order to be processed by the end of August. 

  • Students who were qualified for free or reduced meals in May of the previous school year will qualify for free or reduced meals until August 16, 2019. 

  • If a new application is not turned in, students will be expected to pay the standard rates for breakfast ($1.10) and lunch ($2.50) until their NEW applications have been processed. 

Meal payments

Payment envelopes are available in the front office.

NO CHANGE WILL BE GIVEN. The contents of the envelope will be deposited in its entirety to the student account.


CASH or CHECK payable to Ilima Intermediate School

Deposit hours:

                           Before school - 7:10 am - 7:45 am

                           Recess (M, T, F) - 9:59 am -10:14 am

                           Recess (W, TH) - 9:44 am - 9:59 am

                           NO deposits during LUNCH


Account balance is given on the meal line when balance is $5.00 and below.

* You may request your child's history & balance at any time by calling 687-9317.

Returning Students to Ilima Intermediate

  • Your child's meal status will continue for the first 10 days school days (August 14, 2018) of this school year.

New Students to Ilima Intermediate

  • Meals will be full price ($2.50 for lunch, $1.10 for breakfast) until the application is processed and your child qualifies for reduced/free meals. (Feeder schools – Iroquois Point, Kaimiloa, Pohakea, Ewa Beach, and Holomua 6th grade lunch lists will be used for the first ten days only.)

  • Once the completed application has been received, in accordance with the USDA guidelines, a determination will be made within 10 working days on whether your household qualifies for reduced price meals, free meals, or is denied the benefit.  The determination is based on the published USDA’s income guidelines.  A Notice of Determination will be sent home with your child, notifying you of your child’s status and its effective date.


Lunch Card System

  • An individual meal account is automatically opened for every child who is enrolled at Ilima Intermediate School.

  • The account is like a checking account.  You/your child will make deposits to the account.  Meals will be purchased with these funds.

  • Deposits are made by cash or check payable to Ilima Intermediate or to a secure on-line system that allows you to make payments to your child’s meal account (FEES APPLY), set low balance alerts, and review your child’s transaction history.  In order to use this system, you will need your child’s school ID number (10 digits) which can be found on your child’s report card.

  • No loans are available and IDs are required to purchase meals.

  • Students who qualify for Free and Reduced Meals must have monies in their account in order to purchase Ala Carte items.

  • Account deposits may be made at the Meal Office window in the administration building between 7:10 – 7:45 a.m. daily OR by using the payment envelopes that are available in the front office.               

  • Deposits received on that day will be processed within 24 hours.

  • 1 lunch waiver per month can be extended to a student who has forgotten his/her ID.  Students who forget their ID will report to the Time-Out section in the courtyard at recess.  The VPs will then issue the waiver.  Waivers are not issued to accounts that do not have a balance.


Cafeteria Rules
Students must dispose of lunch trays and uneaten food in appropriate receptacles. All lunches and all other food, with the exception of bottled water and bagged cookies, must be consumed in the cafeteria. Students not eating must leave the cafeteria.


Lunch Duty

Lunch duty is a privilege; students are selected by their teacher. For health and safety reasons students with a contagious disease or with open cuts or sores will not be permitted to work.  Students shall stay in their designated work areas assigned by the cafeteria staff.

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